The assistance you need for your project


With a vast choice of finishes and almost unlimited possibilities of color combination we are ready to answer each and every requests clients may have. Giometti assists each and every client while choosing materials, colours and finishes to achieve the perfect combination for the job. We also provide the client with samples to facilitate his decision making process.


We strive to achieve the highest client’s satisfaction and we create unique kitchens for every projects. We strictly follow our clients instructions and requests to provide them exactly with the product they have imagined and asked for.

Special Packaging

Giometti offers its clients the chance to customize the final packaging of the products. Whether you need a particular labelling or your own logo printed directly on the cardboard, we will be able to utterly satisfy your needs and expectations.

Single packaging or kit

All our products may be supplied both with single packaging or as kits.

Fairs and Expo

Giometti assists its client for fairs and exposition by providing them with beatiful, high quality and cutting edge sample to show.