Kitchen Harmony

From the sin­uosity of the landscapes to the perfection of the musi­cal compositions, the research of harmony has always been the driving force which pervade the territory of the Marche region. as well as the renowned Ital­ian composer Gioachino Rossini succeeded in harmoniously com­bining notes and instruments, Giometti endeavours to tie all its elements into harmonious compositions, thus holding the made in Italy banner high. all the offered cabinetry is unique­ly made with raw materials and semi-finished products of Italian origin. at the heart of the com­pany’s philosophy there is an almost maniacal attention for every detail and all products are eco-friendly. our on going, meticulous research and devel­opment of new products and processes lead to a results of excellence in furniture sector. modern and fine materials al­low for the creation of modern kitchens of great aesthetic and functional effects.

A new way of thinking kitchens

Giometti works every day to keep the Made in Italy flag flying high. Giometti offers a wide range of kitchens, as well as kitchen components, made exclusively with raw and semi-finished materials of Italian origin. Giometti operates with a detail-oriented mind; our core corporate philosophy drives us to struggle for perfection. Every products we make is environmentally friendly and conceived and designed by Italian talents. Non-stop researches and development of new industrial processes have made us a master class in furniture  realization. Giometti works with selected and forefront materials and finishes in order to produce modern, functional and ecstatically outstanding kitchens

The secret of providing the client with functional and coordinated furniture lies in a proper environment organization and in the attention for details.

Detail-oriented driven and non-stop struggle for perfection.
Elegant on the outside and reliable on the inside: let yourself fall in love with Italian design.
Harmonious shapes and cutting edge finishes for elegant and charming creation.
Refined materials and unique doors create unprecedented environments.